Neurological Health

Cognitive and emotional health can have a powerful impact on overall wellness. We offer a variety of formulas to specifically encourage healthy mood and support healthy neurological function.

D3 5000™ D3 5000™
High Potency, Bioavailable Vitamin D
D3 5000 + K D3 5000 + K
High Potency, Bioactive Vitamin D with Vitamin K
Serenagen® Serenagen®
Traditional Herbal Stress Management Formula
D3 1000™ D3 1000™
Bioactive Vitamin D in Microtablet Delivery Form
SPM Active® SPM Active®
Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators
Benesom® Benesom®
Relief for Occasional Sleeplessness
MetaKids™ Multi Soft Chew MetaKids™ Multi Soft Chew
Vitamins • Minerals • Phytonutrients
D3 Liquid D3 Liquid
Designed for Enhanced Absorption
Adrenogen® Adrenogen®
Nutritional Support for Adrenal Function
Adreset® Adreset®
Relief for Stress-Related Fatigue
Tran-Q® Tran-Q®
Support for Stress Management
MetaRelax® MetaRelax®
Designed to help promote restful sleep, positive mood, and relaxation
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