Body Composition

An unhealthy body composition (or excess body fat) can lead to the development of serious medical concerns. Metagenics offers products to support a favourable ratio of health-promoting lean body mass (e.g. muscle) to unhealthy fat - referred to as a 'healthy' body composition
MetaGlycemX™ MetaGlycemX™
Advanced Nutritional Support for Healthy Insulin & Glucose Meta...
UltraMeal® Advanced Protein UltraMeal® Advanced Protein
Support for the Nutritional Management of Sarcopenia
UltraFlora® Control UltraFlora® Control
Targeted to Help Control Body Weight
BioPure Collagen Protein BioPure Collagen Protein
Naturally Sourced Collagen Protein
UltraMeal® Rice UltraMeal® Rice
Nutritional Support for Healthy Body Composition
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