Children's Health

For babies and young children, balanced nutrition is especially important for healthy growth and development. With Metagenics, children can get the extra help they might need to fit these important building blocks into a busy day of growing, learning and playing.
D3 Liquid D3 Liquid
Designed for Enhanced Absorption
MetaRelax® MetaRelax®
Designed to help promote restful sleep, positive mood, and relaxation
MetaKids™ Probiotic MetaKids™ Probiotic
Chewable Daily Probiotic Support
UltraFlora® Synergy UltraFlora® Synergy
Daily Probiotic for Immune Health & Digestive Support Featuring...
NuSera® NuSera®
Relief for Stressful Moments
UltraCare for Kids® UltraCare for Kids®
High Quality Nutritional Support for Children
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 2400 OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 2400
Triglyceride Form Helps Support Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal, &a...
MetaKids™ Nutrition Powder MetaKids™ Nutrition Powder
High Quality Nutritional Support for Children
MetaKids™ Baby Probiotic MetaKids™ Baby Probiotic
Probiotic Support for Babies and Young Children
Bone Builder® Chewable Bone Builder® Chewable
Enhanced Bone Support
UltraFlora LGG® UltraFlora LGG®
Researched, Authentic LGG
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